A sexy helicopter ride with Angel

Ever since I started work for a top London escort agency last year, my life has been one big party. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t quite believe the places and people that I seem to be mixing with on an almost daily basis. My clients are always lovely fellows and they really know how to enjoy themselves, I suppose that’s why they always ask for me when they swing by, because I am something of a good time girl. Let me tell you all about a fantastic evening I had just a few days ago.

Jeremy and I had already been on a string of dates and they always ended up in the same place, a king size bed in one of the top hotels in London. One particular morning after the night before, we were thinking about having breakfast in bed. We’d already enjoyed a pretty spicy main course, if you get my drift, and something a little sweeter would have been perfect.  So I mentioned that I really had an urge for some fresh Parisienne style profiteroles.  Sadly the hotel’s version was not up to much. So can you imagine my utter surprise when, about 20 minutes later, Jeremy and I were sat in his company helicopter whizzing towards Paris! Funnily enough we never made it over the English Channel as I decided the sexy helicopter ride was enough to make me want another helping of the main course again. Let’s just say that the pilot’s goggles were soon steaming up rather nicely!

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