Irina an escort who is very good at making you say yes

There is something that the escorts at my agency don’t know about me and it’s that I love the outdoors. As a child, I grew up on a farm and had a blast riding horses and feeding the cute little animals in my free time. I would do this day in and day out. Now that I’m living in London, the farm life isn’t possible however, this doesn’t mean that I don’t like to take advantage of being outside. Especially when the summer shows its bright and shiny face complimented with warm weather, I’m just where I want to be. When the girls at the agency send me clients I like taking them on adventures with me, allowing them to find the beauty in the outdoors. I have to say, they are always more than willing to take me up on my offer, though I’m not sure whether or not it’s because they love the outdoors or because I’m the type of escort who is very good at making people say ‘yes’.

One of my favorite things to do with them is to take a trip to the park an hour or two before midnight. Being able to look up at the stars and see when one day switches to the next gives me a feeling that is indescribable. Even more amazing than that is the difference in the atmosphere. There is no place more romantic than this beautiful city of London, the home of the Big Ben, especially not when all the crowds are gone and reflecting on life is easy because of the stillness of the night and the silence. Being in someone’s arms, under the watchful eyes of the moon and the stars gives an escort more protection than a thousand guards. I always feel safe being outside and perfectly cuddled by my clients.

When in the park, I like to sit for a minute with my client just talking about life and the beautiful things in it. I like to share with them my secrets, and my fantasies and have them do the same with me. As the night continues, we attempt to live out as many fantasies as possible. There’s always the challenge of not getting caught or not being seen by the mysterious stranger who happens to roam the streets at that hour. Whenever someone strolls by, this adds even more excitement to our time together. We sneak around, hiding our parts behind trees or disguising ourselves by the bushes, and I feel free, I feel whole.

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