Anastasia forever spontaneous

I believe that every escort needs to take some time to herself away from the hustle and bustle of the agency. This is the only way in which we are able to truly understand who we are and learn more about our bodies. I make a point to get some ‘me time’ at the very least, once a month. During this time, I do a lot of soaking in the bathtub. I find the bathroom to be a very relaxing place and one where exploring one’s body is exceptionally easy to do. My bathroom, for example, is equipped with a long mirror that makes it easy to admire myself in full. But before I get to that part of things, I like to enjoy a relaxing and foamy bath complemented by a tall glass of champagne. During one of those times when I wanted to enjoy myself and only myself, I had a surprise visit. There I was, standing in the bathroom taking ‘me’ all in, when a knock on the door interrupted me. I thought about not answering it, but due to how aroused I was getting looking in the mirror, I figured that maybe a viable candidate for my naughty escort affections had shown up and I couldn’t have been more right. My sexy neighbor, tall, dark and handsome, was waiting in front of my door with a package in his hand.

He was a rather humble London man; one that had me intrigued the moment I laid eyes on him. So, he came to my apartment to drop off a letter which had accidentally been left in his mailbox. While I reached to take the letter from him, I intentionally allowed my towel to glide a little lower than it should have. His eyes slowly made their way from my face and to the exposed area of my body. This told me that he was definitely up for what I had to offer. I invited him in, and he readily accepted my invite. Following my steps, he also made his way into the bathroom and watched as I revealed the rest of my body. I told him that today was supposed to be all about me and I intended on keeping it that way so If he would like to join in on helping me to explore my body, he was more than welcomed. This was an offer that he just could not refuse. Once he had finished exploring me, I took off my selfish cap and returned to the generous agency girl that I am and got to know his body a little bit better.

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