Soap star chooses busty Stephanie as his escort date

Working as one of the best busty escorts in this part of London, I often meet some of the most distinguished guys that you could imagine. But even I was surprised when I was told that my next client would be someone who is a popular soap character.

Although this guy may not seem that sexy when acting in the really popular soap program, in the flesh, he was very handsome indeed.

We arranged to meet in the lobby of a five star hotel and even the staff seemed to perk up when John arrived.  He looked really pleased and couldn’t take his eyes off my busty figure, and who could blame him?

Men have always wanted to get to know me more and I am never one to disappoint, so my role as one of the top busty escorts in London seemed like destiny, and I really love this job with all of my heart.

Anyway, I digress, John and I had the most wonderful time and we even forget to come down to the restaurant. The room service waitress didn’t know where to look as she wheeled in the trolley.

But she was so cute that I decided to give John a real treat and she ended up being dessert, for both of us!

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