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Inna satisfied his desire for small escorts who are very busty

For an escort being on assignment does not mean that you are not allowed to have some fun and be treated like a princess in London. Sam my date for the evening had the same thought when I met him at a restaurant just outside of Richmond upon Thames. I could not believe my luck. I had a feeling that I would have to work extra hard on this one; however was I ever wrong. On the contrary, he was a perfect gentleman and I only caught him taking peaks at my large 34D bosom three times during the course of the dinner.  

Sam asked me a bit about me “how long I’d lived in London, did I enjoy working with my escorts reservation company” and then he started telling me about himself as well. All the time, I sat wondering when it was that the real freak underneath the gentlemanly exterior would just jump out, and I would find myself strapped to a bed or something. On he went, until finally he decided that we could take the party back to his house. We walked to his car and went to his place in silence. I would need to pull out my best escort tricks to compensate for this ‘date’ that I was treated to.

As soon as we got to his place, I immediately started to shed my attire. Sam had told me that he had a thing for petite escorts who are very busty; not only did I tick both boxes but I was also about to give him the experience of his life. Sam guided me to the room, where he instructed me to lay on the bed, he then took my small feet into his hand and said “Inna, you have the most amazing feet. He started to shower my feet with gentle kisses. That’s when it hit me, a foot fetish. I had always heard of these guys but in all my years as an escort, I never had the opportunity before to encounter any of them personally. Soon, I was really getting into it and allowed him to work his magic on my feet. It felt amazing to have my feet adored buy such a lovely man!

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