Busty pleasure giver with a temper

I was an escort in a very bad mood today. Not only had I been stood up last night at a swanky London drinking hole, in now what appeared to be a possible mistake, my date hadn’t even bothered to reply to my message that we weren’t meeting up tonight.

I rang Anna for a chat and she empathised with my situation. “Well, it could have been a genuine mistake.” That didn’t help me. I know I can be impulsive busty bitch, but there was no way I was going to be there tonight. I didn’t like the bar anyway.

When I realised I was actually muttering away to myself, I packed up two parcels of cushion covers, and waited for the delivery driver. I mused over the situation. Josh was so lovely. Pangs of regret were stabbing away at me, and nothing could rid me of this ill mood.

After the delivery driver had visited, I started shortening a pair of curtains. Activity was good for me and soon I was humming away. When the intercom sounded, Anna had come round for a quick visit.

After closing my bedroom door and checking there was nothing incriminating lying around that could shed light on my second career as one of the full-bosomed high end escorts in the capital, I let her come up even though I wasn’t dressed up. “My goodness,” she exclaimed, “you can even rock a pair of sweat pants!”

That made me smile and I noticed she was looking at the curtains I was working on. “I’d love to work from home, you know.” She eyed me with envy. I could not respond, but checked my phone and realised Josh had left a message.

I played the voicemail back so Anna could hear. “I’ve booked a table at eight at Launceston Place. I’ll arrive early, and I guess if you don’t turn up, I’ll suffer the same indignity you did. Bear in mind, eating alone is an awfully lonely experience when the table is set up for two!”

I looked at Anna. “I might just go!”

Anna replied as she sipped her coffee, “I would if I were you.”



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