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Jonathan, an American, was probably one of the most handsome men I have ever met, and one of the kinkiest clients who used the agency. He loved to tie my hair back into a ponytail before our energetic deeds, and liked me to wash his amazingly hot, lithe body as he showered. He could have been a model with his blond hair, green eyes and chiselled jaw, but he went into law instead. He said using his brain was very important to him and he did not want to dumb down. I had teased him about his comment and urged him to be a model for me. I could even film us together if he wanted to play around with his little escort. Then we would delete the video after we had watched all the naughtiness. It might make him even hornier than usual. He looked at me as a grin stretched from one side of his chiselled jaw to the other.

I set everything up, bearing in mind we only had three hours before he needed to get to the airport. I wore my thigh-high boots and a pair of miniscule, see-through panties, as he liked the idea of me wearing something.

I undressed him slowly and sensually, nibbling on his ear, blowing on his body, before demanding that he bent down over the side of my chair in the bedroom. He did as I requested and I spanked him, using my hand at first and then a paddle, as I carefully touched him, with my other hand. After a few minutes, he was visibly excited so I took his place. I opened my legs wide and ensured my pert bottom was on full view. He took the paddle and started to spank me, moving the panties around so both cheeks became quite red. Before long, he was easing himself into me, and was taking full advantage of the opportunity to show-off how well he could fulfil an escorts needs.

Afterwards, we played back the video and drank champagne. I was surprised at how hot my body looked in the get-up, and how much I seemed to enjoy it all. Of course, as we were watching, my hand stole down to Jonathan’s excited manhood as he watched himself nourishing me.

Of course I deleted the video. I had promised to, hadn’t I? Or had I?

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