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Milan in the evening was festive lively and interesting, it was everything that so many escorts in London had told me. I wrapped up warm as I met Josh at the hotel entrance. He’d arrived earlier but had been out shopping. I guessed from the way he’ hidden a small bag, there was a present for me, but I discretely did not ask him about it.

We are in our infancy in this relationship, but I think that he’s certainly a keeper and any escort would be so glad to be with a guy like him. He was all smiles as he hugged me, and we headed straight to the bar for a quick ‘aperitivo’. The hotel was serving free light snacks, a little like tapas, when you bought a cocktail, and Josh hadn’t eaten since the airport, so he tried olives and tomato and cheese crostini, with a type of pasta salad in a little tray. I just had the olives, but they were filled with herby-cheese and were delicious. Josh sipped a Negroni, made from gin, vermouth and Campari, whilst I tried a Sbagliato, made from Campari, sweet vermouth and Prosecco; mine was light but delicious, with a touch of fizz.

“I’ve got tonight sorted,” he smiled, as I noted his smart shirt, jeans and leather hi-tops. He always looked good the perfect buff London man, but because of the early start, he had a touch of stubble. It suited him. I leant forward and rubbed my finger along his jaw.

“I’m not averse to managed stubble,” I giggled, as a man walked past and said, “Bella,” quite loudly in my direction.

“That’s another thing. You should wear your wool cap and pull it down. Blondes around here attract so much attention.” Josh was matter-of-fact, but it amused me. Even he had noticed the Latino looks around here.

“I’ve got a restaurant booked at eight, so you’ll have time to change, but there’s a procession and a street market, plus the cathedral is open until late, if you fancy a look around. After that, the choice of what we do is up to you.”

I noticed how he looked at me and I had no doubt we’d be in bed before midnight. Firstly, I needed to update him on what I’d been doing today, but I would not dwell too much on the male model I was working with. Josh was more gorgeous in my opinion.


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