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Anais rekindles an old love

I never thought that I would ever meet a guy in London like him; one who takes every escorts breath away with just one glimpse. But there he was, looking at me with those dreamy eyes, and I was falling. I was falling for him so long and so hard and there was nothing I could do to stop myself.

‘Are you okay, Annie?’ he asked. His voice was just about the sweetest thing I’d heard whispering in the London air that night.

‘Anais,’ I replied. I’ve never been one for nicknames and I felt as though him shortening my name was taking away some of my power and I couldn’t have that.

‘Anais,’ he corrected himself. Instantaneously, I regretted my decision.  Sure, I felt as though my power was being drained by him shortening my name, but never have I heard ‘Anais’ sound as appealing and arousing as it did slipping through his lips.

‘Yes, yes,’ I’m okay, I said to him, taking a sip of my wine to excuse myself for not making eye contact.

This is a man that I hadn’t seen in years and it seemed as though he turned into a completely new person. Muscular, tall, tanned and of course, with the most mesmerizing eyes, he had me captivated and no matter how much I wanted to take a second to myself to gain composure, he pulled me right back in. Eventually, he motioned for me to take a seat with him on a comfy sofa tucked away at the corner at this beautiful bar and I did as he wished. This was the closest we had been to each other for the entire night and the scent of him had me feeling things that I was trying desperately not to feel. And then… out of nowhere, he rested his hand upon my leg, causing me to shiver from top to bottom but in the best way possible. In all of my years of being an escort in London, never have I felt like this before.

The night went on and eventually, I loosened up, thanks to a couple glasses of fine wine. I’ve got to admit that in the time that he and I hadn’t seen each other, he became a completely new person and one that I’m looking forward to getting to know. Hopefully, the next time, I’ll be able to contain myself a bit more, though I don’t expect that he’ll get any less charming.

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