Auction for the expert buyer

One of my friends, Franz, was going to a London pop-up event and chatted on the phone about it. I asked a few escorts at the office and like me they had never heard of these events until now. Apparently there were companies who rented out space to companies who wanted to organise parties, exhibitions, clothes sales and such like, for a day, or a month, at a time. I had not realised this was booming business.

This particular event had been tweeted around and Franz showed me the details and location. This was an art exhibition and featured three young artists who had recently graduated. Franz invested heavily in up-an-coming artists and was excited about going along. I decided I would go with him to find out more and perhaps, would bag a bargain.

We headed off on the tube and found the site in a place in Shoreditch. There were a few other people and Franz finally haggled over the price of a pair of matching abstract watercolours. Soon he came away clutching his goodies and I was surprised that he had bought like this.

“Well, they would look good in my flat and I’m thinking in a few years, they could be worth quite a lot more. It’s like your auction bidding; you see a bargain and then happily buy it, knowing it will cost much less than buying from a shop.”

I hadn’t bought anything as I like to plan out my purchases in advance, especially if art, jewellery or furniture was involved. I decided to browse around and find out what I could about these types of offerings, especially when relating to fashion, one of my real joys in life. At least if I knew a day or two in advance, I would be able to go along and see if I could grab a one-off find.

Later that evening, I was ready for bed – by myself for once “very unusual for us popular escorts” – I mooched around some of the websites that Franz passed onto me. I couldn’t really find anything until I searched around Carnaby Street London and found a trendy little dress shop, with a four week opening window. I looked at a few designs and popped it in my diary for my next day off, next Thursday.

I found myself wondering if I should do something like this for my furnishings business. I needed to build it up but it could be something I could carry out as part of my launch campaign. I made a mental note to look into this in more detail


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