Yachts and girls for billionaires

I had a dilemma or should I say an escorts nightmare and needed some advice. I had a Greek shipping magnate arriving in London for one night only and I had received a call that he would be a day late. He was my client and the hotel he was staying in had no rooms booked. His PA had rung and asked if he could come round to stay at mine, but given the fact the cleaner would only be round in two days, I had no time to do a deep clean and therefore stated I would find something else for him. She would pay but I only had an hour to find somewhere, before I headed out for the rest of the day.

I rang a friend in the business and she came up with an idea. She knew a guy who rented out his very plush yacht, with a rooftop Jacuzzi, and she would check to see if it was available.

A tense ten minutes later, and it was confirmed for the next evening. I had checked with the PA and then booked a restaurant for a meal nearby.

Lajos arrived as the evening darkened. We sat and drank wine as the ducks and moorhens swam past. This was relatively peaceful for being so close to the city! As he looked at my long, toned legs, he asked if I was ready to bed him before dinner.

His eyes wandered to my cleavage as I undressed; this was a man the required perfection in his chosen escort. I was half-expecting the yacht to start rocking as we started to indulge ourselves in each other’s body, but luckily it didn’t. For a large, well-built man, Lajos was surprisingly agile as he moved me around the bed. I showered as he drifted off to sleep and when I’d dressed, I woke him to let him know we were due to leave in fifteen minutes. I’d booked dinner at a place which overlooked the river.

Lajos was fairly relaxed as he told me more about his reasons for being in London. He had a meeting close by, which could end up in him signing over some business, in a multi-million pound deal. I was fascinated by him and he thanked me for booking the yacht as it was a very personal thing for him. He had two yachts I found out; one was located off the Greek mainland, and a yacht moored near Rhodes Town. “Such a beautiful place,” he added, as he paid the bill, and asked if the hot-tub would be heated up and ready. I nodded as he proffered his arm and we walked back alongside the Thames.


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