Hooking up with Jack

The problem when you’re the escort for someone who owns a lace manufacturing business in London, they want you to wear lace knickers, lace bras, lace body-stockings and lace-trimmed hosiery, at every opportunity. I don’t really mind if I wear lace or not, although I do think it is a busman’s holiday for the owner, whose name was Jack.

Jack was handsome enough; an American in his early fifties with steel-grey eyes, salt and pepper hair and a penchant for his hook-ups to wear gold high-heels.

Last night, I wore pink lace lingerie to set off my long, black hair. I liked this little number. Jack wanted me to pose and posture as he played with himself and admired the outfit on me. I watched the way he touched himself and it was slow and sexy. He oozed confidence and I liked that.

After a few minutes, he was ready to pop open the gusset and let me sit astride him and give him the pleasure he craved. However, the poppers were stuck tight. Jack didn’t look too happy as he swore and tried to open them. Then he started to laugh. “What am I like?” he whispered, his face close to the gusset. I stood with my legs apart and let him gently move his fingers under the gusset. I huskily told him it felt really good and his tongue started to lick through the lace.

For a few minutes, Jack worked away as I watched the scene in the mirror and became even more turned on. He knew exactly what to do. I liked the way he clutched my ass tightly, adding to my pleasure.

When Jack attempted to open the poppers again, they opened immediately. And like a good lady of the evening I felt a sense of relief as he led me by the hand onto the bed. Rather than removing the bodysuit, as usual, he asked me to continue wearing it.  

Jack watched me toss my hair over my shoulders as I got into position on the bed, with my bottom in the air. However this time, Jack told me to sit astride him. He wanted to devour my nipples which were sticking out through the lace.

When Jack was ready to leave, he left me a gift-wrapped present. I thanked him warmly. He told me to wear it the next time he visited. Without even opening up the package, I had a feeling I knew what was inside.

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