Princess Charming Escorts

She had this soft smile as he spun her around the dance floor, it was funny how it even looked like she was indulging me escorts London babes like this are just so hot. And I wouldn’t blame her if she really was. In the normal course of things, a pretty lady such as herself would never dance with a klutz like me.

There was nothing normal about tonight though. It was my birthday and my friends had given me the finest present of all.


At least for the night, she was mine.

“I must thank you for hosting me at your party, Arnold. I’m having a real good time.”

It was almost like she could hear my thoughts.

“Please. The pleasure is all mine.” He gushed, feeling a warmth in my belly I couldn’t quite account for.

“Maybe this was a bad idea, Ahmed. I’m not the kind of woman you want your name associated with”

I had no idea how to answer to that. Sure in my native country I was considered to be royalty with a predestined path in life; but here in London, we were just two people.


Celebrating a milestone in my life which marked my chronological arrival into adulthood.

It might be my last chance to do something I wanted with someone I wanted to do it with.

Why not indulge in one of the exquisite escorts London is so famous for?

Maybe, my notion that I was the Cinderella here wasn’t so far from reality. One night to enjoy with my Princess Charming before reality reasserted itself. Even though I had paid her for it – I had the feeling she didn’t do it (only) for the money.

“Do you maybe want to retire to somewhere more private? I have a suite of rooms upstairs.”

She inclined her head to the right, seemingly thinking.

“You want to leave your guests alone?” she asked with a small smile.

“I want to be with you.” I replied hoping to convey the depth of my passion to her.

“I want to be with you too.” She breathed. And it was so convincing! Maybe she really meant it.

“Really?” I asked just to be sure.

“Absolutely. Let’s go upstairs.”

It was no hardship to slip out of the party and take the elevator up to the penthouse. The view of London from there was spectacular and we spent a few minutes just taking it in.

“Spectacular” she said.

“Yes”, he agreed but he wasn’t looking at the view.


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