Escorts who can turn a night into a pleasing paradise

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved playing dress up and being older hasn’t changed that, except since moving to London and becoming an escort my outfits seem to lean a bit more on the provocative side of things.

I love a man who takes me shopping and buys me nice things that I can show off to him at night time. If you buy me shoes, you can expect that I’ll be wearing shoes, complemented by nothing but the glistening of my silky smooth skin that is incredibly hard for my clients to prevent themselves from touching.

Once, after a long shopping trip in London, I was taken back to my client’s penthouse suite for a nightcap and a little late night workout. He called me his escort Barbie, because he insisted that I was just so perfect and bared such a striking resemblance to those beauties that belong on the shelf for everyone to admire. Anyways, so I was in the bathroom getting prepared to transform his night into a pleasing paradise, when he came in with a neatly wrapped box, he had his personal assistant pick it up while we were out shopping. Inside it was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. I told him to leave the bathroom for a minute and as soon as I was done I’d come out to him. He left, and when I opened the door, his eyes shone bright even in the dark room. You could say that I didn’t leave much for the imagination. I stood there with the beautiful necklace dazzling around my neck, waiting for him to come over so I could thank him properly for his generosity. That night, I spent all night thanking him and when the morning came, the thanking began again. It’s like that necklace gave me superhuman sexing powers.

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