Escorts for booty calls in London

I do like the Latino look “well many escorts do” especially coupled with Armani clothing and good leather shoes. Carlos lives in London but he’s actually Spanish and one of those guys who you’d dream about meeting in Marbella or Mijas as you wandered around the sophisticated shops, looking to snap up a great designer bargain. He was sophisticated, friendly, and smelt divine.


I twirled my fingers through his chest hair as we relaxed into a kissing session. His lips were so soft I would have been just happy to kiss him like this all night.


Carlos was working too hard to even contemplate a relationship right now. At twenty-eight, he liked four evenings off per month so that he could satisfy those most basic needs with his favourite lady of the evening, and all four evenings happened to be with me.


It didn’t take too long before his passions rose and I liked the way he narrowed his eyes with pleasure as I attended to him. His skin was so soft and I remarked on it. I had to stifle a giggle when he mentioned he used Jo Malone body cream. I knew he smelt divine and now I knew why. It wasn’t aftershave but the delicate scent rising from the heat of his body was drawing me in. It was herby and fruity at the same time and I just wanted to lick him everywhere.


So I did. Why hold back when I was enjoying this so much? Carlos sighed as he let my warm fingers stroke and arouse him. In return Carlos stroked my hair gently and had a wonderful gentle touch. I realised he appreciated me appraising him and it added to his ardour.


Soon, we were curled up together. Carlos passed me a glass of champagne and pulled the throw over us as the temperature dropped slightly. He explained that was the problem with a penthouse apartment; the temperature needed to be turned high to cope with the size of the space. It was a huge, sprawling open-plan luxury London pad and I loved the look of the rustic-brick walls, the large-scale artwork and the metal stairs running up to the next level. Now this was my ideal type of client and I would ensure that he would stay a client for as long as he needed to be!


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