Blonde escort Anastasia’s date with a billionaire

My mother always said that it would be my looks and not my brains that would help me in life. And I suppose she was right most of the time, but recently I think that I was blessed in both departments. Since working as a blonde escort in London, my life has been very sweet indeed. Gentlemen really do prefer blondes and I have no doubt that we have more fun. On a typical summer date, I was enjoying a very competitive tennis match, watching obviously, at the centre court in Wimbledon. My date for the afternoon was a billionaire client who is rather famous in the oil industry. He insisted that I wear a rather fetching outfit that had more than a passing resemblance to a tennis outfit.

It seemed that David has the hots for a certain Russian tennis player who also was more famous for her blonde hair and looks. Anyway, I digress, about halfway through the ladies’ tennis match I had to go to the little girl’s room. But at almost 5 foot ten with a figure to die for, I am not really a ‘little girl’ anymore. After refreshing myself and making sure that my ultra-short skirt wasn’t looking too much like a belt, I made my way back. Somehow I must have made the wrong turning and found myself being ushered into the playing area. Can you imagine my surprise when the whole court erupted with cheers and I looked up to see thousands of faces looking directly at me? Yes, I had been mistaken for a professional tennis player and I couldn’t get enough of the applause. Sadly, the real player soon came back from her toilet break and I was ushered away rather too quickly for my liking.  Anyway, this seemed to really turn David on we soon left for some rather energetic bedroom athletics of our own.

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