He wanted busty we gave him Catalina

When my latest date first calls for a busty escort, I’m always the first choice because I kind of fit that description to a tee. Although my breasts are probably the best in London, I’m also lucky to have a slim figure and wonderful legs to match.

You can usually judge how hot I am looking by the reaction that my date gives me when we first meet. Steven’s eyes nearly did pirouettes as I introduced myself that afternoon. To say that he couldn’t take his gaze away from my olive skin and bouncy breasts would be an understatement. In fact he cancelled his original plans and asked me if I minded going straight to his bedroom?

Of course I didn’t mind, I love sex as much as the next busty escort and expected to be shown to the elevator for some much anticipated bedroom Olympics.

Steven was a definite charmer and led me to the lobby and we were soon whizzing through the streets of London on a high powered superbike.

Can you imagine my surprise when I discovered that Steven had a private jet waiting for us at an equally private airfield?

Before I could ask him where the actual bedroom was, he led me into the Cessna and I could see that the whole interior was one massive den of iniquity, oh yes, that was one way to make a first impression last!

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