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The parts that no other woman can reach

There is one thing no one told me when I decided to make the bold move and call London my new home. That little secret that most escort chicks know is that the beautiful city can fall victim to some ridiculously high temperatures. Of course, this isn’t something that I mind; not in the least bit. Why? Well, let’s just say, the hotter it is, the less clothing is required. On a particularly hot day -in the city I now call home- I was feeling exceptionally uncomfortable in my regular attire. My decision to strip down to nothing but my lace thong and panties was one I made out of pure instinct. However, I’d completely forgotten that I would have a visitor. So, when the doorbell rang, I opened it, like I usually did- shimmying to the side to make sure that the person on the other side would only be able to see my face. Unfortunately, this interaction didn’t go as planned. My computer had been acting up and I opted for a technician to come in to take a look at it.

Upon opening the door, I realized the mistake I’d made when I decided to wear practically nothing. I couldn’t have closed the door in his face and ran away. Instead, I acted as though everything was normal, invited him in and allowed him to get to work. Feeling a little bit naughty, I sat within his line of sight and watched him while he worked. A smile crossed my lips each time he stole a glance in my direction. I was tempting him. And he just couldn’t seem to keep his eyes of this little escort. When he was done, I thanked him thoroughly for his work and then introduced him to what I do for a living. He was taken aback by my advance- but only for a second. In no time, I had him in my bedroom, screaming ‘Joline’ from the top of his lungs. I can’t deny that I liked the way he treated my body. As a result, my computer seems to have a little ‘mishap’ more frequently. In return, I get to have a little fun when my trusted technician comes over to take a look at the parts that no man could ever think of resisting. And he too, has the time of his life, having his body treated like no other woman in town could.

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