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Handcuffed and teased

Though he may seem pretty calm, reserved and even shy, Felix is, by no means, your ordinary city of London banker. Underneath that perfectly ironed button up and seamless pants is a man with a hunger for female indulgence that should be illegal. Our first encounter with me as his escort led me to taping his mouth shut as he wouldn’t refrain from talking dirty. Of course, this was something that he loved- a woman taking charge was right up his alley and though he had never been dominated before, his eyes told me that he was looking forward to what I had in store. I ripped the duct tape from his lips and said, ‘you get one chance to tell me what you want and the minute that you spew those dirty little words, is the minute that you’ll be begging for mercy.’ I saw as his becoming excited in all the right areas.

‘You like what you see, don’t you,’ he challenged me.

‘What is it that I see?’ I replied.

‘A man who can’t wait to take you’ He said without hesitation.

It was time for him to be punished. How dare he speak to me that way. I made my way closer to him, bringing my face into his and biting lightly on his bottom lip before saying, ‘the next time, I’ll spank you so hard that you’ll cry like a little baby.’

Because I knew that he wouldn’t stop being the naughty little London boy he is, I ensured to pull out my handcuffs. I told him to position himself diagonally on my bed so that I’d be able to attach both of his hands to the bedpost. He did as he was told and now, I had full control and didn’t have to worry about being overpowered. I started off by giving him some much needed pleasure and then I stopped abruptly, leaving him begging for more. I teased him like this for an hour and a half before I had had enough of his whimpering. Then, as a treat I allowed him to have exactly what he had been begging for.

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