Reasons why girls fall in love with the wrong person

We all want that happy ending- that love that never refuses to line our skins with Goosebumps and send a kaleidoscope of butterflies dancing in our stomachs each time he’s around. Unfortunately, falling in love with someone who could cause you to fill a bucket with tears is a lot easier than falling in love with someone who brings more joy than sorrow.  

Here are 15 reasons why girls fall in love with the wrong person:

1. Looking for the right one in all the wrong places
If you’ve got a love for architecture, don’t wait outside to pick up the next person equipped with a spray can, ready to graffiti historic property. Certain people hang out in ‘certain’ places and if you’re looking for the nice guy, you’ll want to stray away from the places only Rockstars hang out at.

2. Trying to find the past in the future
“You remind me of a girl that I once knew”… Even usher had his heart in shambles pursuing someone based on her similarities to a girl that broke his heart. If he broke your heart, don’t seek ‘him’ in every man or woman you wish to make yours.

3. Being afraid of loneliness/Settling
Mr. or Mrs. Right is worth the effort. However, if you’re busy trying to fill your bed while forgetting your heart, you’ll never see him/her coming. Be patient and leave room for the right one by dismissing the one’s you know are wrong for you.

4. Money can’t buy love
If you’re focusing on the monetary aspect of things, this is definitely the wrong approach to take. Sure, he may be able to hush your cries with diamonds, but will he really be able to filly your heart with love?
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5. Not thinking you’re good enough
If you know you deserve the stars, reach for them. Toss those insecurities out the window, and take a long hard look in the mirror and see that you’re worth being loved by someone who truly deserves you.

6. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”
Staying in a rocky relationship with the hopes that ‘he’ll change’ or ‘I can fix her’ will only leave you with a broken heart and a lot of time wasted on a lost cause.

7. Not being able to see through the BS.
Some people get beer goggles when they drink, others get BS goggles when they’re constantly fed BS. Take ‘em off, and read between the junk. Don’t fall deeper and deeper into a lie. Learn to see the truth and call out the BS.

8. Not being ready
If you’ve just come out of a bad relationship, don’t head right back into one just because you’re trying to forget. Take some time to yourself, heal, rebuild your confidence and then go on the prowl.

9. Listening to everyone but not listening to your heart
You should determine who you want to love. Don’t allow someone else ‘boosting’ the wrong person to be the reason you’re attached to something that’s not real; something that won’t give you what you need.

10. Not knowing what you want
One broken heart… Two broken hearts… Three broken hearts… If you’re not sure what it is you want in a partner, chances are you’ll fall in love with the wrong ones time and time again.

11. Lack of communication
Sure, staring into someone’s eyes is dreamy and all, but until you get to talking (really talking), you won’t know who this person is, hey that’s your first 101 in escort-ology.

12. Focusing on looks
Is he/she as great as he/she looks? Don’t allow your eyes to replace your brain.

13. Not picking up on the early signs of an inevitable heartbreak
If he’s never there when you need him, if she’s always a day or two late to check in, figure out what this really means (how trustworthy this person is) before giving more than your heart can bear.

14. Too close but not close enough
An example of this is working side by side with a colleague and mistaking it for love. Don’t force a connection that isn’t there.

15. He’s good with your mom
Though you’ve got her DNA, you haven’t got her heart. Your dad may have done a good job at keeping hers from falling to pieces, but this says nothing about how well she’ll be able to choose the man of your dreams. Don’t fall in love with the way he makes your mom smile, fall in love with the way he constantly keeps a smile on your face. If he makes your eyes water more than he makes your lips curl, it’s time to tell ‘mom’ that he’s just not the one. Don’t worry, dad will be there to pick up the smallest part of her heart that you broke by doing this.


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