No knickers please

I had a dilemma of what to wear. My head was telling me to wear a calf-length, blue dress and my heart was telling me to go shorter and wear the floaty, pink chiffon dress.

I went with the blue as I wasn’t planning to wear any knickers for this meet-up. I sprayed Armani on my neck and down into my cleavage, fixed my hair into a French pleat, as shown to me by my hairdresser, and stepped into kitten heels, rather than high heels. My agency client, Dan, was not tall and he didn’t like escorts to tower above him. I think that was the reason he’d picked me. Either that or my regular client who had, in fact, recommended me to him, had sang my praises of a different kind!

My taxi whisked me off to a private film showing in a converted warehouse. It was a new independent film which would soon be released. Dan explained that only fifty people would be present. When I arrived, I was shown to a booth, where another girl was waiting and then the free bar was pointed out. I wasn’t sure if she was an escort or not, so played cautious and told her my assumed name for the evening, Gemma. I found out her name was Emily and she was a tiny, fragile-looking girl. I chatted for a few minutes with her and we heard other people arriving. When my phone beeped, I realised Dan was running late, so we helped ourselves to the free, self-service bar, and noted that most of the other guests had arrived.

I asked Emily about the film and she whispered she preferred period dramas, but this was a thriller. I turned around as more people arrived and noticed Dan and another guy had just arrived. Emily kissed Dan’s colleague, so I assumed she was his girlfriend.

As we sat back and watched this “film noire”, I realised it wasn’t to my taste at all. Emily and her beau were sat in front of us, so I decided to spice up the evening somewhat. I placed Dan’s hand on my bare thigh, where he absent-mindedly stroked me with his thumb. I placed my hand on his thigh and mirrored his moves. When he reached higher, he realised I wasn’t wearing knickers and stopped. I knew then that he was suddenly more interested in what was between my thighs rather than the film. I wouldn’t let him go there, not yet. Let him think about it first.

I then noticed that Dan had unbuttoned the top two buttons of his chinos. I reached in and touched the coarse hair there. Then I went a little further and caressed him lightly. I dare not go too far as his friends were so close, but what I did was mesmerizingly slow and sexy and enough to feed his appetite for later.



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