An Escort in London and a Private Jet

Gambling has always been my second favourite hobby and I get so wet looking at the faces around the table as I show my cards. My favourite hobby is also my job, and I feel so lucky that I work as an escort in London. What a way to live my life, meeting lovely men in the best city in the world! So when I have the chance to combine my favourite two things, I always jump at the chance.

A few weeks ago I was eating sushi in a very exclusive Japanese restaurant when my date asked me a strange question. ‘Do you feel lucky tonight?’ Mark whispered to me as he eyed my full bosom heaving through my undersized see through top. I replied that I was born lucky and wondered what was happening next.

In less than two hours we were jetting off in his company jet towards an unknown destination. Mark suggested we got between the sheets for a few hours and who was I to argue? I woke some time later and after another steamy session, in the shower, we got dressed and sat down as the plane started to land. Can you imagine my surprise when the doors opened and we were hit with an almighty desert wind! Yes, we were in Las Vegas baby and I was in my seventh heaven!

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