Girls enjoy strippers too

When I’m stuck at home due to less than ideal weather, I like to have my girlfriends from the agency over for a bit of fun. Yes, sometimes we do all the girly things escorts like doing, like painting nails and watching chic flicks. However, this isn’t all that we like to get up to get up to some trouble.

My girlfriends know how to have a good time and they’re never hesitant, one can already assume that I’m a pretty naughty girl and when it comes to my friends, I like them to be pretty naughty too. A regular girl’s night with us consists of lots of chatter about boys and the things that we like to do to them as well as the things that we like to have done to us. This kind of conversation definitely gets our juices flowing and at times, it becomes way too hard to not hire ourselves a bit of eye candy or to tend to each other’s needs. Some nights we’ll explore our wonderful female bodies, getting to know each other in the most passionate ways. This is one of the perks of being a bisexual. Not only do I get completely aroused by the touch of a man, but a woman can also get me in the mood and have me overly satisfied by the end of the night. I like to get paired up with my friend Natalia who’s both naughty and a bit rough. Yes, I am indeed the kind of girl who likes to get a bit rough and the way that Natalia spanks me truly pushes me over the top. On the other hand, if we do decide that we need a man in our company, we like to get a stripper to put on a show for us. London has a lot of male escorts who also work as great strippers these, guys are muscular, hot, tempting and who know just how to move their bodies in ways that can make any woman go wild. And sometimes, we’re even allowed to get up close and personal and feel the wonderful muscles that these strippers are ever so keen to reveal. It goes without saying that whereas some people dread the rainy days in London, I surely look forward to them. With girlfriends like mine, there’s no reason why I can’t have fun, whether it’s a hot and bright day or a dull and wet one.

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