Her submissive husband

Jessica was a sexy, sassy London businesswoman. She was married and we met once a month for two hours for her to indulge in her bisexual needs with a lady of the evening. In that case, she was just about classed as a regular. This time, she wanted to bring her husband; not to touch me or anything like that, but to watch me with her, whilst he played with himself.

We talked through the finer details and he wasn’t to get involved. That wasn’t the deal and as she appeared to wear the trousers, so to speak, in her household, then I’d go along with whatever she wanted.

Daniel was about ten years older than Jessica. He was tall and thin, with a London accent and a slight stoop. He appeared to be uncomfortable with the set-up, even though he had visited escorts himself in the past however, in this scenario it seemed as if he did not have a choice. I poured him a glass of champagne and he remarked that I was pretty-enough, but he’d had no idea that his wife was bisexual. After downing the champagne, he undressed quickly, but I felt a little sorry for him.

I checked that he appeared okay with everything I was asked, as per my conversation with Jessica. He watched me perform in front of him and he poured another glass of champagne. When I took down my thong, he seemed to perk up and started to touch himself. I ensured he had a good view of my assets and he was more interested in how I moved, than the expression of his wife, who was now moaning and writhing on the bed, with her legs and arms flailing.

Soon, she was finished, and she turned to her husband, who wasn’t that far from his own climax. I stood in front of him and let my breasts drape against his face. Jessica cried out, “Don’t let him touch you though!” I knew that. Instead, I stroked his thighs and his lips were millimetres from my large breasts. That seemed to do it for him.

I dressed and got up to go, just as Jessica started to spank her submissive husband. I needed a glass of champagne after that. I hope he enjoyed the experience.


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