Traditional girls can be quite interesting

I wasn’t sure what to wear for the first date in central London with Josh. Anna had looked at me as if I was one of those crazy escorts after I’d told her about the mix-up. I’m normally so relaxed, but I’d waited in a bar, full of middle-aged men trying to get into my panties! It had been too much to bear.

I looked at the website for the Michelin-starred restaurant. I had taken a cab past this several times, but I had never frequented the establishment. When I started reading up, I hadn’t realised that this was one of Princess Diana’s favourite restaurants. It must be good in that case! I dare not look at the sample menus, although I noted the review thought the chef’s take on food was “inventive” and “modern.” On my part, I didn’t want to spoil the dining experience, so would wait until I could pick out what I wanted to eat there and then.

My stomach was rumbling at the thought of food. I ran a bath, even though I had two hours to go before my taxi picked me up. I wanted to look fabulous better than a superstar escort or top model. As the luxury floral scent of Lothantique bath foam filled the air, I needed to choose my outfit.

I picked up my wool and cashmere blue-wrap dress and looked at it carefully. When I tried it on I realised it wasn’t quite right. Perhaps it was fine when having lunch with my parents, but for a first date, it looked too safe. I needed something funkier, which covered me adequately, but without looking overly-glamorous amongst the London crowd.

I picked up my Reiss dress, designed to gently skim my figure, with subtle cut-away detailing and a fluted skirt. I’d bought it in the sale, but even though it was now October, it was mild outside. The pale grey scooped-back dress would look good with a black jacket and black heels. I’d only take my jacket off when at the table. Jake would not be able to help but to take a glimpse of my back. I’d look elegant but trendy too.

When I thought of his lips brushing my back, I shivered. I had to get through a few dates before I even entertained anything further than a peck on the cheek.

I was more traditional when dating than you could possibly imagine!



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