Models, escort babes and A-listers hit the town

I’m going to a party with Esme, she’s currently with the escort agency London nights, a plus-size model, sporting curves of which even I am hugely envious. Right now, I’m thinking I need to keep my look simple, stylish, but the make-up smoky and sexy. I don’t want to look out of place at the fabulous private club I’d heard about, but had never visited before. A-listers came here to relax, out of the gaze of their fans and wider public, as well as the super-rich, and whilst I’m not really seeking new clientele, I’m curious about whom I might see, and of possibilities of returning in the future.

I’d bought a pretty black mini-dress, designed by Victoria Beckham with a delicate scallop trim. With my sheer black tights, heels, up-do, and gorgeous Gucci clutch bag, I looked fabulous and not at all like a lady of the evening. It was a pity Josh was at work, as he had yet to see me looking like this. My lipstick was pillar-box red and my eye make-up was applied with a sixties style in mind.

The taxi dropped me off and I headed into the reception area after being appraised by two security men. I gave my name and noticed Esme was coming out of the powder room. We headed inside the dimly-lit, large club, on two levels, with lots of VIP areas leading off the main areas. In the middle, near a dance floor, we found a couple of Esme’s escort friends from the London agency sitting in a horseshoe-shaped seating area. I joined her glamorous friends and after a few introductions, sat down on the plush seating.

Sipping champagne, I noticed a young guy who looked familiar. Esme told me he was a footballer and newly-single. As she nudged me to indicate he was looking back over at us, I updated her on my personal life and she was delighted for me. She looked fabulous; a UK size 16, but at almost six foot tall, and a small waist, she looked statuesque. Most men looked her way, and for a while, I didn’t feel any different from anyone else. It was a good-looking, exclusive crowd.

As we danced midst the throng of revellers, Esme asked me about my dress and I explained it was a Harrods purchase, and designed by Victoria Beckham. She nodded and whispered that Victoria had indeed taken a second, appreciative glance at me as she’d passed by with her husband earlier. I hadn’t seen them at all!


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