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First To Climax

I wore a quarter cup bra which did little to cover my assets. However, londonescorts are not booked to keep covered up. Gemma was watching me undress. I slid my hand down my hips and over the curve of my buttocks, as she held her cigarette holder in one hand and a flute of the finest champagne in her other hand. She smoked her cigarette, creating small circles of smoke, I’d only ever seen in films.

“Turn around and let me see those beauties of yours.” I did as I was asked, and she noticed how my boobs spilled over the cup, the nipples erect from her magnetic stare. I could feel myself getting excited at this series of very direct requests. On all my London assignments I was used to being in control, but Gemma took this mantle today.

I observed her legs folded up underneath herself; black leather bra and thong, and a package on the bed. I had to open this up and I obeyed. Inside, I found a pair of cowboy chaps, a leather whip and a cowboy hat. I knew what was coming next.

“Take off my clothes, yes, mine, not yours. Dress me up in this and then spank me and whip my ass until I’m ready for that soft escort tongue of yours.”

I undressed her inhaling her strong musky scent and letting my hot breath caress her thigh. She ran her hands through my hair slowly in anticipation of what was to follow. Gemma was aroused and ready for her spanking. I turned her around and placed her over my knee, so that I could spank her with my bare hands, wanting to feel her flinch at every contact with her skin.

She was keen for me to use the small whip a few times, until her bottom reddened nicely, and then she spread her legs, which all seasoned londonescorts know is the sign for the next step. I lubed the end of the whip and inserted it slowly for added pleasure, before doing what I’d been requested. Sometimes, when with a woman, you can imagine her pleasure, and it excites you enough to stimulate yourself. My own hand stole between my legs to appease my own need, but she was the first to climax this time, with my own following only a minute later.


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