Birthday Party Escorts

“Girls, girls, girls! Settle down. The faster we settle down the faster we finish up here and you can all get in the lovely tour bus waiting and go to the party.”

The roomful of girls quieted down and listened attentively as Cara outlined the program for the night. Kieran Arnold was a member of a popular boy band and today was his surprise twenty first birthday party. They were to arrive at the Hope mansion in the London suburbs in time to surprise him and then they would socialize with the guests. If Kieran showed interest in one or more of them, the lucky chosen escort would devote their full attention to him for the rest of the night.

Barbara looked around at the girls, noticing the palpable excitement. Even escorts were not immune to the charm of youth, millions and mediocre talent it seemed. Barbara was in it for the free food though.

Though chances were good they’d serve stale bangers and mash.

The alcohol would be top notch though.

That’s how it always went.

It was unlikely he would choose her anyway seeing as she was closer to thirty than twenty.

As soon as they stepped in the mansion the noise levels achieved new decibels. Everyone seemed happy to see them. Soon the DJ announced that the birthday boy was pulling up.

The lights died, and everyone got in place.

The door opened.

“SURPRISE!!!” everyone screamed as they jumped up and the lights came on.

Kieran was suitably delighted.

He scanned the crowd, taking in faces and Barbara found that she was standing up straighter, breasts perked up. It made her feel a little silly competing for this boy’s attention like some contestant on The Bachelor but there you were.

Kieran’s eyes stopped on her and his smile widened as he came toward her. She barely kept her own eyes from widening at this turn of events and returned his smile.

“Hello”, he said reaching out to take hold of her hand and bringing it to his lips.

“Uh h-hello”, Barbara felt breathless which just wouldn’t do. “How do you do?” she continued in a more even tone, “Happy Birthday.”

‘Shut up Barbara’ a voice said in her head.

“Thank you. I’m Kieran” he said keeping hold of her hand.

“Barbara”, she replied trying not to freak out as he was running his thumb lightly over her hands.

“Barbara. Lovely name. Why don’t we go upstairs and get to know one another a bit better?” he asked looking deep into her eyes.



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