Escort Lifestyle for Pleasure and Privacy

The modelling was fairly straight-forward for London escort girls. We had a few shots together, but in the main, we had separate shoots, so there was time to hit the sun loungers and make the most of the 23 degree warmth. It wasn’t too cool a breeze either. We were warned not to stay out for more than twenty minutes at time, so else we would miss our schedule and any lines would be a huge no-no, so I had to wear the tiniest of bikini briefs, and a bandeau-style top with no straps.

Most of my photos were taken near an ornate, wooden pergola, with a massage bed, covered in a white throw, with petals on it. I pouted and looked coyly at the camera, whilst the French female photographer whizzed through her planned sequence with professionalism. We knew that the shoot was for a French magazine for the thirty-plus ladies market, but the shoot the next day, was for a men’s magazine, although there would be no actual nudity. My day job rarely allowed me to keep any underwear on, and I actually think I prefer my London escort lifestyle, for both the pleasure and privacy factors. When you are hidden away in a room, there are no boundaries, and only the client tells you what to do, or what not to do.

Luckily, this section was hired purely for our use, and no windows overlooked the lawns and lush greenery where we had to pose. The building looked very Arabic, and had coloured lanterns hanging outside. I took my own photos for inspiration for when I returned.

After a light lunch, we were taken in the car to a gorgeous spot called Setti Fatma, where we were given hiking boots in our sizes and a sunhat each. We were also respectfully covered up, and Ami carried our gear as we headed out for a hike to a beauty spot, which would be closed for the afternoon for our own personal use. The underwear was in bright hues of turquoise and gold, or gold and burgundy, but I could see why they had chosen this location to concentrate on the shoot.

We walked uphill to a series of falls where the photographer laid out gold-woven blankets for us to pose in front of the cascading water. The desert ride back was bumpy, but this was an adventure. At the end, we were tired, dusty and in need of a break, so we showered and convened downstairs ready to go out.


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