Still interested in girls at 75

My tight bodice made my waist so small that I could have passed for some Victorian bordello hussy. However, as one of the best Russian escorts in the city, my work takes me to imaginary places and scenarios from all over the world. The sense of escapism is high. Some clients who visit for London dates want to feel as if they are somewhere exotic, so they pick a Thai-themed hotel and turn the air-conditioning up a notch, and expect you to provide ambient music to match the theme. Others like the idea of a plush, sensual, decadent silk-clad Russian beauty, who would massage them, treat them to vintage champagne, before getting down to business. I had experienced both today. Earlier, I’d played desert-themed music, which would not have been out-of-place in a film about Laurence of Arabia. I placed various fruit items over the tanned body of an ex-athlete, now in his sixties, spread cream over the fruit items and made my way down his body, sharing the fruit and cream mouth-to-mouth, until I arrived at his private parts where the treat continued, with cream liberally massaged all over his erection.

Later, I wore the bodice I mentioned, as well as a curly, auburn wig, and applied a beauty mole on my cheek and strong make-up. I wore long, black false eyelashes and purple lipstick, in order to tease an elderly American on his first trip to London with a variety of feathers.

When I danced my burlesque moves, I undid the corset to reveal purple-tasselled nipples. My short leather skirt unfastened at the back with a frilly laced-up section. I paused as I unlaced it, just for effect, and slowly revealed my pert ass, naked except for a matching purple leather thong. The American smiled and continued puffing at his cigar whilst still wearing his sunglasses. Eventually he beckoned me forth and asked me to keep on the tassels and to slap his cheeks with them, as I removed the thong and proceeded to straddle him. I rode him hard from above and the tassels whipped his face as he’d requested.

“Harder and faster,” he moaned quietly, as he grabbed one tassel with his teeth, pulled it off and sucked my nipple vigorously. I smiled at his energy and enthusiasm and wondered if I would still be interested in sex at seventy-five.

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