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Naughty little scarlet woman

A lone hand made its way up my thigh. My body quivered underneath his touch. Ever since we had set foot in the dark movie theatre, I wanted to get lost in him and have him get lost in me to be his perfect lady of the evening. However, due to the fact that we weren’t the only ones sitting in the row, I refrained from any form of embrace. I knew that the minute I acted on my feelings was the minute that our little date in the movies would come to an end.

Who goes to the movies on a Saturday night in London anyways? I usually don’t but Henry insisted that we take things slowly. It wasn’t the first time I had seen him. In fact, he’s been a client of mine for a few months now. Most of those times consisted of us being indoors tangled up in each other. The attraction we both felt for each other meant that we didn’t get much talking done. I guess this is why he wanted to do something different. He says he planned on having me for his escort for the whole duration of his six months stay in London and wanted to get to know me a bit better. So there we were, hot for each other and not being able to pay attention to the movies.

His hand still on my thigh, he lifted it a bit to introduce his nails which he dragged down my leg ever so lightly, sending a new round of goose bumps all over my body. ‘Shall we get going?’ I asked, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to contain myself much longer. ‘No, I think we ought to finish the movie you naughty little scarlet woman,’ he replied. He was doing it on purpose, tempting me more than I deserved to be tempted. I knew that I had to switch things around. If I wanted to have things go my way, then I needed to have him burn with desire the way I was burning with desire. I looked him deep in his eyes which sparkled slightly and ran my hand and then my nails along his thighs, just like he had done to me. A smile came across his face and I held his gaze while I moved my hand a little bit higher, touching that part of him that I wanted so badly. He bit his lip, squeezed my hand and I’m sure I heard something similar to a moan escape him.

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