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I’ve managed to tag on a couple of days to myself away from the stress of London. I was with an American client on Thursday and Friday night the, escorts at the office told me about the excellent service at the Madrid Intercontinental Hotel so I’ve checked in for two nights, which is just lush and exactly my style. Even though I feel a little tired after a night of partying with my client, I decided to head out to a few places on interest and headed off to the Museo Nacional de Prado. The corridors were cool and it was refreshing to be able to see the most gorgeous and famous sculptures by Rubens, paintings by Botticelli and Tintoretto, and other masterpieces. I found tears on my cheeks as I looked at the religious paintings. I think art energises me and I made a mental note to go around London’s famous galleries again on my return.

I ordered tapas at a trendy eatery, where an attractive guy watched me ordering in Spanish. Then he asked me in Spanish if I was Swedish. I think my blonde hair and fair skin fool people into thinking I am Nordic, but I smiled and explained I was British mmmmh I wonder if he sussed that I’m a call girl.

He had a folder from which appeared a sketch pad. Then he asked if he could draw me. I guessed there would be a catch, so I shook my head. He looked saddened and I carried on drinking my glass of wine and checked out the dessert menu. Eventually I decided on some form of custard tart and by the time I had finished eating this, the artist had disappeared.

I paid and left a tip. When I rose to go, the waiter approached me with a piece of paper. I gasped when I realised the artist had still drawn me and had left it as a gift. I think he was generous with my looks, but he had captured a different view of me, an older vision, that I had not seen in myself until now.

I thanked him and walked off. There was a shopping mall nearby and I was absolutely intent of finding a few bargains!


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