London store detectives and escorts

I have just emptied my wardrobe of clothes I haven’t worn in two years and was in the mood for a solo shopping adventure in central London. By lunchtime, I carried two bags from Harrods and a bag from Harvey Nichols, but I was not ready to go home yet. I crossed the street and headed to another store.

I was walking around a well-known store, looking at a gorgeous range of distinctive jewellery, when I noticed a lady watching me. She had also been the food hall, where I had purchased two caskets of Assam Tea; the blend I adore the most. I knew I was being followed, but I had not done anything wrong. The problem with my lifestyle and looks is that you have jealous people around you, all the time.

I perused a gorgeous Alex Monroe necklace and earring set, which would look fantastic for the dinner party I was due to attend on Saturday. I asked the assistant if I could look at it more closely and she looked over at the store detective and raised her eyebrows. I got it. A young, well-dressed woman, who was not a celebrity, socialite, or a royal family member, perusing expensive jewellery, must mean I am a threat to their security. I decided to show them a lesson.

I looked at it. “I’m not sure if it is decadent enough,” I said and handed it back. The assistant sighed and sashayed off to place it back in the cabinet. My eyes alighted on an extremely delicate Astley Clarke necklace, bracelet and earring set. Again, I looked at them and passed them back.

By now, the store detective was trying to mingle in with the other London shoppers by looking at scarves nearby. Finally, I picked out every escorts favourite an intricate, silver, Lara Bohnic bracelet and I loved the level of detail. I said I would buy it. As the assistant was wrapping it up, I asked her to wrap up all of the Astley Clarke and Alex Monroe items I had viewed.

She knew she’d been caught out, as I added, “You’d better show the receipt to the very obvious security over there!”

The assistant could not have been more embarrassed as I took the bag from her. “Have a nice day,” I said, as I turned and left. As I have stated some people are just plain jealous!

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