Busty with a lot of class

I’m recovering from a London charity event I attended last night. I went along as a guest of Sasha, the lady who manages the escort bookings at my office, along with several of her friends associated with the charity. My role was to look after the table to which I was allocated and to chat to the guests.

Sasha had asked an event organiser to host a dinner party for sixty guests, combined with a fashion show, with a catwalk. I’d been asked if I’d wanted to model some of the dresses I had donated which hung best on a woman with a more full-bosomed figure, but I was happier selling raffle tickets at the tables. The prizes were pretty good – a two night stay on a gorgeous 5 star hotel in Paris with 1st class Eurostar tickets, a dinner for four prepared and cooked by a two star Michelin chef, and a VIP day at Ascot with spending money.

The show was taking place after the dinner. I had eight people on my table and I guess at £70 per head, it wasn’t that expensive, but it was all in aid of a good cause. With a bottle of wine allocated per head, I was sure they would dig deep into their pockets, after drinking that down.

The soup was delicious, as was the salmon and asparagus. The chocolate trio was also yummy, but I was waiting for the speaker who had been booked. As a famous Thespian, he was an interesting and eclectic actor.

I was keeping my eye on my drinking. The last thing I needed was to get too drunk and I’m controlled enough to stop after my third glass. Unfortunately, I think I lost count of how much I’d drank, after my two Thierry Mugler dresses were sold for almost as much as I’d paid for them and then my three other gowns sold well too.

As for the actor, his speech was a personal tale of some of his recent roles and he did a few impersonations too, which had us all in stitches. I was sure I was laughing too loudly, but never mind, it was all in aid of a good cause, I tell myself. I am still suffering though and am glad the curtains are still closed.


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