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Demurely Dressed but Ready to Please

I rang the bell of the door of the large listed townhouse in Belgravia in South-West London. With an escorts eye for value I knew this must be worth at least £8 million. I mused as I looked at the gorgeous façade. There were blinds covering the windows and I felt a little nervous as the door opened. A woman in her forties appraised me and I was ushered into a lounge, with high ceilings and pale furnishings.

I was pleased I had dressed demurely in a blue fine wool dress. I heard footsteps and a youngish man walked into the lounge, filling it with his presence. I noticed the burn on Robert’s face immediately, but I was struck by how handsome he was in spite of the redness.

I could feel my cheeks flush.

Robert offered me a drink and I shook my head. “Arianna told me you’d be a good choice and I think she was right. How long have you known Vlad? I am assuming he was a client of yours from some time ago.”

I shook my head. “Vlad was an ex-boyfriend, but it wasn’t right. I am with someone else, that’s why I only offer escort services to a few choice clients. “

Robert’s eyebrow’s raised a little, but he continued. “I’ve had some challenges recently. Do you want to come upstairs? It will be less formal.”

I explained that I would be happy to go anywhere he wished and on second thoughts, a glass of white wine would be pleasant. I guessed that would ease any apprehension, on both parts.
On the way upstairs, I chatted about poker, just to fill the quiet pauses. There was an animal instinct in the air. Male and female pheromones engaged in an age-old ritual as we entered a rather plush-looking bedroom, with huge windows, heavily curtained and French armoires. The bed looked bespoke and was around two metres wide. Plenty of room to play here!

Robert stood in front of me. You are beautiful. You look like an old girlfriend of mine, but I’ve not left this house in over two years. I have panic attacks.”

I nodded, went to the bed and sat down. I patted the bed beside me. “In that case, sit here and tell me what you want.”


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