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Jennifer and the Italian Diplomat

Jennifer walked past her doorman with a nod and a smile. He raised a hand to stop her and she waited as he retrieved a package from behind his desk and brought it to her.

“Wot’s this?” she asked.

“Messenger said it was from your office. You’re to wear it for tonight.” Calvin said with a courteous smile.

He didn’t know that she worked as one of London’s escorts for a living; all he knew was that she kept irregular hours and she earned enough to afford the rent on her luxury apartment.

“Thanks Calvin”, she said taking it and making her way to the elevator. She wondered what could possibly be in the package. From experience, she knew it could be anything from a designer gown to a dominatrix outfit. She had a dinner appointment with an Italian diplomat tonight but she didn’t have all the details.

The package turned out to be a 1800s-themed gown, the décolletage very low slung. When she tried it on, her nipples were half exposed. In addition to being low slung, the material was semi-transparent. Her figure fully on display. Jennifer checked in the box for undergarments, and was relieved to see lingerie.

She tried on the silk and lace bra and panties. The bra skimmed just below her nipples, serving to hold her breasts upright without covering much. The panties covered her privates adequately. She found the whole thing very clever, perfect for London escorts and hardcore party girls; she hoped that it wasn’t too cold out tonight.

The Italian diplomat was waiting for her in a hotel room at the Park Plaza. It was pretty warm and spacious, for which Jennifer was grateful. A brown haired figure sat at the desk typing on a laptop. Jennifer was surprised to see when they turned, that it was a woman. She wasn’t her first female, but she was the first to send her clothes to wear.

“Ciao Carissima. You look sexy”, the brunette said approaching Jennifer. She traced Jennifer’s body with her finger, running her hands along the underside of Jennifer’s breasts and flicking her nail against Jennifer’s nipple.

“Thank you. And what’s your name darling?” Jennifer asked.

“You can call me…Renata. And you are…?”


“Ah Carissima. You mind if I call you Cari?” Renata asked squeezing Jennifer’s ass.

“You can call me whatever you want.”

“Excellent. Sit my dear allow me to feed you.”

Jennifer sat down on the bed. She had a feeling it was going to be an interesting night.


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