Groan Into The Pillow

The West London hotel was small and discrete. One of the ex-escorts, Olivia, worked here as the Night Manager and received commissions from direct bookings. I was one of those direct bookings and she knew my ‘other name’ well enough. There would be no issues here. Olivia had assigned us with a suite, and she knew this was my second client tonight, with a third booking after Emile. This would become my go-to hotel one night a week.

Emile was a tall, large man, with a deep booming voice. I asked him if he was a voice-over artist as his voice was so familiar and he clapped his hands. “You must have heard me on the local radio,” he beamed, as he took my hand kissed the back of it. With a wicked grin, he took my thumb and raised it to his lips, and bit it gently. “Are you okay with a few gentle bites?”

I had to be careful. “I can’t have any bruising. Other clients do not like it. But if you do it gently and only leave a temporary red mark, then it will be fine.” I smiled as I didn’t want him feeling upset. The last thing I wanted was to go home with love-bites dotted around my body. I was one of London’s classy escorts and there were boundaries. “You can spank me if you want. If you have a need to vent, you can, but no rough sex.”

We were in a bar but no other residents were present. The bartender was a young Latvian man; friendly and polite. He took our drinks order and we planned to head into the bedroom once they’d been poured. We headed upstairs. Emile spanked my bottom with every step up we took.

In the room, we undressed quickly, took our drinks and lay back against the pillows. Emile looked younger than his years. His dark skin looked reflective as I pushed him onto his front and started to spank his bottom. I was careful at first, but his expression soon turned into one of desire. “I can bite you instead,” I offered as I bit the tip of his ear and sucked it slowly. Emile’s groan into the pillow was all I needed to go ahead.

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