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A busty woman who could not say no

‘Forever and for always’ that’s how long we promised to love each other. Unfortunately, sometimes the fast pace of an escorts life gets in the way of love, causing people to fall out of it before they’re even aware that it happened. Though there were a lot of tears and a lot of holding on to hope, we knew that things were over and that it was time to move on. Weeks passed by and then months and then a year and I thought we would never see each other again. I should have known that this was impossible. After all, we both live in London and no matter how big this city may seem, the chances of running into someone your trying to avoid remains high.

I had avoided the places that we used to visit together as well as the places I knew he was fond of. In fact, I had turned my entire routine upside down. This wasn’t all that bad as I was able to discover a whole new London within the one I thought I knew so well as my clients escort companion. So when a new club opened up, I was adamant to see what it had to offer. I called up my girlfriends and we got dressed up in our sexy dresses that accentuated our busty cleavages and high heels and headed out for a fun filled night. Years in the escort industry has taught me to never be surprised. However, the minute that I turned around on the dance floor to see that the person who had tapped me on my shoulder was indeed the person I had been trying to avoid forever, my heart sunk. To my astonishment, this wasn’t the only surprising thing that would happen that night. The chemistry that he and I had was something that never went away and I guess I should not have been surprised that there was no such thing as an innocent conversation when it comes to him. One drink led to another and one dance led to us being too close to each other. The way he caressed my body on that dance floor was enough to let me know that there was no way he wouldn’t be gracing my bed and indulging in me that night. I would say that I regret not being stronger- not saying no- but the things he did to me that night were things that no woman would be able to refuse or regret.

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