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My soft furnishings business was at its height. Maybe my career with escorts in London might have a premature ending if business keeps up. The, main order I was working on with my two helpers, needed to be ready by the end of the day. After the gin-tasting yesterday evening, I’d slept well, and was already working by seven. I was making the swags and tie-backs, whilst the others made the rest.

The boutique interior designer I sometimes supplied, wanted twenty cushion covers and eight sets of matching curtains, swags and tie-backs for a hotel in West London escorts can recall the interior of most hotels in the capital. The fabric I’d sourced from an auction house. I was present when bidding and no-one else had put in a bid, so I bought the whole lot for a twentieth of the cost I would have normally paid out. This was in a retro style, unusual in design, and was one of the best makes I could possibly find. The four batches could just about make these items, and the rest could make further cushion covers. I knew a boutique store in Knightsbridge who took all sorts of my items, and after making a successful call, I had another order to turn around quickly. The material was used up, with no waste, and I’d make a decent profit.

This was my long-term future career too, but I had a meeting booked in to see clients regarding four large sets of curtains for a Regency townhouse, the next day, and the workload was building up.

I wasn’t taking any further orders until the New Year. That wasn’t a surprise to clients either, and I had three bookings for January already. I love doing this work. It clears my head, keeps me focussed, and I know we do a quality job. I still work as an escort too, but that is limited to a couple of evenings and an afternoon until the New Year.

January is always quiet for my escort work, as people are still trying to cover the cost of Christmas excesses. However, the Financial Services industry escort girls in London start to become busy from the 5th January. My few clients in Investment Banking, Stockbroking, and other related roles want to work of their excesses of food and drink, and I’m the key to their workout regime. I’m booked up for my days in January already; I’m a very busy girl and a better option than the gym!



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