Back from Fuerteventura and horny as hell

“Menno – the diamond in the rough”; that was the nickname the escorts he frequented had for him. I was getting ready for his bi-annual visit with me. He was a diamond dealer from Amsterdam. Tall, broad and curly-haired, he was an attractive guy, with a large wallet and exclusive contacts within the industry.

I had only been back from Paris for four days, and he was the first client I was planning to be with, that is, have full on scarlet woman action, as the Jessica and Daniel experience was mere horseplay.

Menno has a penchant for showing me a diamond each time we meet. This time it was a five carat beauty, with amazing clarity and depth, and with no inflections. He showed me through the eye-glass, and explained what to look for. Then he revealed a smaller diamond. He asked me what I could see. Well, for a start, it was yellower in colour with a blue tinge to the right. I explained that to Menno and he explained the larger diamond was twice the size of the first, but was worth ten times more in value.

I think that turned him on as he undressed to reveal his large erection. I’m happy to meet a client’s kinks, especially when I am forewarned, but Menno was also mischievous, which also brought out my naughty side too. He liked to tie me up.

Menno was browner than last time, but he had no tan lines. “I like the nude beaches in Fuerteventura,” he grinned as he stroked my breasts, but he wasn’t ready for me.

I pushed him back onto the floor and took the scarf he’d planned to tie me up with. I managed to tie his hands together and sat on top of him. “You are naughty and playful today,” he whispered, as his cock pulsated underneath.

I slowly mounted him and he smiled as he tried his best to untie his hands. “I want to fondle you,” he whispered, but he wasn’t going to do that; not until I’d teased him to the point of climax, at least three times. “That will serve you right,” I smiled, as I took control.



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