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Brenda one of the best escorts for newly divorced men

So, I have a thing for divorced men “not an unusual thing for escorts” I think maybe it’s due to the fact that the divorcees in London usually come to me in their most vulnerable state. They’ve lost the woman who had been fulfilling them for the past ten or perhaps even twenty years and they’re looking for comfort or they just need to blow of some steam. Either way, I’m the perfect girl for the job.

Ben is a great example of such a person. He was one of my first dates to show up having gone through a divorce. We met early in my career as an escort and just weeks after his wife had officially ended things. Today, things are a lot different, Ben’s stronger than he’s ever been and he has developed a set of skills that are worth bragging about.

Our first day together was spent in a hotel off Shaftesburry Avenue. He talked a lot, which was expected. After all, his wife had taken a turn that he didn’t expect and one he didn’t prepare for. During our conversations I would keep him happy with a sensual massage. I’d rub his strong shoulders gently then, his back and then other areas of him that would get him turned on and keep him that way. He thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing and said it encouraged him to open up and to release some of the negative energy he had built up inside of him. However, the true release would come later on in our session.  After such a long time of being with the same person, this east London postman forgot what it was like to kiss another woman yet alone a professional escort.

He forgot the tickling feeling that built deep in his stomach when he traced his hands down another woman and this is where I was able to prove to him that things really would be okay. That feeling is one of the best feelings in the world, and even though at times he only got to experience it for an hour or two, it reminded him of better days it, reminded him of what it was like to be young. As for me, I can’t deny that I gained a lot of experience from Ben. This was something that I had no experience dealing with, but nonetheless, it was a challenge that I conquered. Because of this, I am able to offer some of my favorite gentlemen the satisfaction that they truly deserve especially during such a trying time in their lives.

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