A Connection With My Clients

I’ve always believed in horoscopes, I love reading them in the magazines and mine always seem to come true! I’am a busty London escort and a Pisces my personality traits are described as imaginative and sensitive, compassionate and kind, selfless and intuitive, all of which are completely true!

That and I love fish, I keep a marine tank at my Paddington apartment and I love learning about their natural habitats. The bad parts about my sign are that I am supposed to be weak willed and easily led. I am not sure if those are true or not, I hope not anyway! I like to think I am quite strong willed, but then again I always aim to please and I’m up for almost anything my clients suggest.

Another trait of my star sign is that supposedly I live emotionally rather than rationally, I suppose this is true as my heart does tend to rule my head! I almost always sense a connection with my clients as I get to know them on a very personal level. I’m not sure if any of the other brunette girls who work for the London escort agency believe in star signs and horoscopes but I always will, do you

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