Enjoy the escorts sexiness

The heat turned up a notch as I chose my words carefully. I did not want to talk too explicitly about my life with the London escort agency, and where I left out the detail, Joe probed and asked questions. I could feel his breath on my breasts as he looked at them, and played with my hair as he listened. The recorder was on the arm of the chair, but he soon leant over and switched it off.

I could feel the tension between us as I looked him in the eye. So far he had not touched me apart from the kiss, and to remove my knickers and touch my hair.

This was about to change. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach.

Joe pulled my face to his face and kissed me slowly. I placed my hands on his chest, feeling his muscles under his t-shirt.

“Is this okay with you?” Joe asked carefully, and my reply was to pull off his t-shirt, to expose his chest. I placed my fingernails on his chest and raked them downwards slowly. He half-closed his eyes as the sensation delivered by a professional escort aroused him.

“Whatever happens is completely confidential; you know that.” I felt the need to reassure him.

With that, he kissed me hard. Soon we were on his bed, naked. I tried my hardest to concentrate on the feeling of his touch, not his occupation, or that he could bed pretty much anyone he wanted. I pushed him onto his back. This was his experience, more than mine and I let my tongue travel the length and breadth of his body, listening to his small noises, and letting him enjoy the sexiness.

I knew this wasn’t part of today’s plan, but some of the better sex I have as an agency call girl in London is not planned down to the finest detail. As I pulled off him afterwards, I traced the perspiration down his chest, to his navel. He was still semi-erect, and I had a feeling he was able to go on, and on.

Passionate as an actor and passionate as a lover; I turned to him and asked him if I was still not what he expected. He smiled as his breathing evened. “That had more soul than I expected,” was his breathless reply.


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