Sheer Pleasure As She Came Again

The bedroom was opulent, filled with dark exotic hardwood, a batique bedspread, and a bed which was bespoke; a London escort girls dream wider than a king-size bed, and of a size which allowed more play space.

Indira sighed as the vibration worked through her love box and hit those nerve endings which led back to her most sensitive parts. I rubbed slowly up and down and the down to her ass to give her further titillation.

She sighed again, but I sensed she was now getting ready for insertion. I placed my tongue around the hood of her clit and sucked lightly, as the dildo opened her and started to reach her inner depths. She was enjoying this experience, and her hips started to rock back and forth in time to the slow, sexy screwing motion, combined with the sucking action which only an experienced escort like me could perform.

As I increased the speed to the second setting, the noise was more intrusive, but she responded by lifting up her hips so I could reach as deeply inside her as I could. The beads rattled round, lighting up her G-spot, and her hand moved from caressing my bottom, to fingering my clit.

For a brief moment, I wondered if she wanted me to orgasm too. I lifted my head and paused. She looked down at me. “Go and get the purple dildo, and I’ll use it on you.”

I rose quickly and brought back the purple dildo. Whilst this wasn’t the largest of the selection, it had a clit vibrator too, so I would be almost getting the same stimulation as Indira.

I got back into position and sucked away. Indira’s orgasm was building and she was thrusting away on me with the purple dildo. The little clit vibrator seemed to be especially good at applying the right movement as the lower half of my body tingled as my orgasm mounted. However, always the professional London escort I was trying my hardest to concentrate on her pleasure

Indira was so close now. She made tiny gasping sounds with her mouth and then she was there. I couldn’t see her beautiful face as she came, but I knew that the pleasure for her would mount again, so carried on. As soon as she gasped again, my knees buckled underneath me as the blood rushed through my body and into my genitals.

We both lay breathless, with the sound of whirring around us. I had to smile as I realised I had forgotten to switch off Indira’s dildo and it was still inside her. I looked at her clenched legs, and her face which was starting to contort in sheer pleasure as she came again.

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