Knickers Around My Knees

It was time to move onto the next stage. I was starting to enjoy this in a fascinated way. This guy was intelligent, well-to-do, married as his gold wedding ring shone on his ring finger. I liked how he was aroused, but not yet overexcited. I needed to get him excited again by some personal massaging and then it would be over to him to take the last few thrusts. He would not last longer than that.

I pulled down my knickers and stood in front of him so he could see me if he turned his head sideways I’m a very confident London escort. At the moment, his eyes were closed. “Look at me,” I insisted. I did so and he licked his lips. “You are beautiful, my pretty.” He said, sounding as though he would pounce on me.

I told him not to move. I bent over so he could have a full view of my bare bottom, and let my knickers stay around my knees. I was exposed but still fully-dressed as such. That was important to him. I held my breasts in both hands as they fell forward from my bra. He watched every move.

Then I stood up straight, keeping my knees close so the knickers would not fall down.

I walked slowly to him, reached underneath and massaged him again, until he started to whimper. I stroked his bottom and down his thighs and back to his cock again. A few more strokes and that was enough for him. I explained I would bend over the chair and that he was free to screw me as he wished I was his personal London escort for the moment as long as the protection stayed on. “Otherwise, you’ll have been a super-naughty boy, and there would be dire consequences.”

I bent over the chair, spreading my legs as wide as I needed to for entry. “Take me when you are ready.”

My client took over now as his passion rose. From behind, he was inside me for only a minute or so before he reached his sweet climax. He told me to stand there and not move as he took off the various female clothing items, and put on his trousers. The heels were locked away in a cupboard and he hid the key away.

He looked slightly shy, but I smiled, shook his hand and asked him to kindly show me the way out. He looked relieved I wasn’t fazed by the experience.

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