He’d never seen an escort with a body quite like Haifa’s

I aim to give comfort, to please and to have my guy not liking, but loving every minute that I am with him. The men want only the best London escorts and I guess that my name Haifa is synonymous to the greatest girlfriend experience ever.

Last Wednesday I was leaving a local convenience store when I ran into a very well dressed gentleman on his way in. His eyes were almost as beautiful as mine! I smiled at him and he smiled back, turning to check out my ass as I walked off. I could almost feel the stare piercing through me. As I was about to turn the corner, I heard him calling out to get my attention. I slowed down to give him an opportunity to catch up with me. When he finally did, he introduced himself as Todd. “I’m Haifa’, with a fire in my eyes that told him exactly what I wanted to do to him. He asked me if I’d like to go out sometime and I automatically slipped my confidential escorts business card into his hand and said, ‘whenever you’re ready, I’ll be waiting’. Before five minutes had gone by, my phone started to ring. Not much to my surprise, the gorgeous Todd was on the line.  He wanted the whole nine yards, the girlfriend experience in a 30 minutes quicky and he wanted it now. I would need to pull out all the stops on this one.

To his London apartment we headed. The bachelor pad feel told me Todd probably had his fair share of women tending to his needs. I had to impress, I had to be the woman that left a mark, one that he’d remember every time his need for pleasure rose. His bedroom was the place where all the action would occur. He watched attentively as I made my way out of my clothing. I could tell he’d never seen a body quite like mine and my belief was confirmed by the way he quickly rose to attention. Not long after, the sheets were soaked in sweat and juices, but this London escort chick wasn’t through and neither was Todd. After a mere ten minutes, we were back at it again, filling the room with actions that would cause any man and any woman to erupt.

‘So, until tomorrow,’ he said as I made my way back into my clothes. ‘Until tomorrow’, I replied, feeling the shivers run up and down my spine at the thought of another night with Todd.

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