Escorts Look Sexy in Alexander McQueen

After my feeding frenzy, well, I had been eating fish, so the thought seemed rather apt; I headed out into the clear March afternoon, wondering if I would fit into an escort agency regulation size ten dresses after the large lunch. I made a note to text Josh to let him know he should bring something back for himself for dinner. That’ll serve him right for eating everything I’d bought for the fridge three days ago.

In Harvey Nichols London HQ, I went straight to the shoe department as if propelled by some unseen force.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a lush pair of Saint Laurent sand, lace-up suede pumps. These weren’t flat by any stretch of the imagination, but they looked demure, sassy and just that little bit tempting and would look on an escort like me. I could afford the £470 for these without even touching the credit card, but I also wanted to look at the Alexander McQueen section. I bought the heels and sashayed my way to the dresses. I’d always felt saddened when I walked into this section, to see the legacy of this great designer. It was tragic he lost his life in such a way, but I was a fan of his designs, even though, the credit card would have to be whipped out for this purchase. There I spotted my find; a blush intarsia, stretch knit dress at just over a grand. The stretch-knit was helpful, but being mid-thigh, I decided it would not be suitable for the Christening I would soon be attending. Esme had given birth and for some reason, she’d invited me along to the event. Josh was working and he looked relieved that he didn’t have to come along. I’d promised it would be a short event, with a couple of glasses of champagne afterwards. The thought of babies was terrifying and as long as I didn’t have to hold the baby, I’d be fine.

The cape-style Missoni dress was a steal at £650, plus the mixed colours of the stripes would lend the look to a variety of shoes, scarves and jackets. That meant I didn’t need to buy another jacket. As soon as I tried it on and asked the assistant how it looked, she shook her head. “I think you wear it off-the-shoulder, so let’s just fix that for you.” I decided it looked nice just on the shoulder as well as slightly off the shoulder. A versatile look for a good price! Happy with the dress and the sizing, I bought it and decided to get a cab back. There’s only so much walking I could do after a lunch-time feast!


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