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Waiting was the game he played

He was the perfect type of tempting. With his words, he knew just how to get a wayward woman to say ‘yes’ to his every demand. The right things, were the only things he said and his promises were ones I couldn’t turn down. Being the naughty little escort I am was what got me into this mess in the first place. My friends had warned me about Jo, but listening wasn’t my strong suit. I told them that I could handle a man like him. In fact, I was sure that if anything, he wouldn’t be able to handle me. But boy, was I wrong. From the first moment those fiery eyes stared at me, I knew that I wanted to be his and it didn’t matter what it took to get there.

So, when he said to me, ‘Maria, put your hands over your head,’ I didn’t complain. I just did what he asked.

There I was, laying on the bed, watching as this remarkably gorgeous human being cuffed one hand and then the other. There I was, anticipating what was to come as he spread my legs and cuffed them to the bed posts. I had a fair idea of what was to come. But what I didn’t know, was that a man like Jo, was one who showed no mercy. His game wasn’t solely pleasure, it was torture. But a kind of torture that ended in a mind-blowing pay off. He toyed with my body in all the right ways. I moaned so loud that everyone passing my west London apartment could have heard me. So close. I was always just so close to winding down and getting lost in a universe of pleasure. However, without warning, Jo would stop. He wouldn’t allow me to reach all the way up and grab the orgasm that was waiting for me. He tempted my body so hard. He made me want more and more, but never gave it to me. This torture lasted for an hour until I guess I’d begged for long enough and when he entered me, my body caved right in. And all the torture was replaced by an ecstasy like I had never felt it before. There were no complaints running through my mind. And ever since that day, I have become the escort who couldn’t get Jo out of her head.
‘The best things in life are worth waiting for,’ he said. Waiting was a game he played all too well.

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