Agency girls deserve a perfect date

I’ve just come in from the most amazing date that any of the escorts could ever dream of. I’d had such a fabulous evening with Josh at a top London hang out of the rich and famous. When I found out that he only had three evenings per week free, I almost jumped with joy. He was a Technical Director for a theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue, so evening work was a feature of his life, as well as working three afternoons per week. Well, that would definitely work with me.

I explained about my furnishing business and how I met with clients to work on their interior design plans. That meant I was out a few evenings per week too, and working flexibly was part of my career whether with an agency or not.

The food and ambience was lovely. I’d clocked he noticed the low back of my dress, but said nothing. He flirted slightly, but I guess the chemistry was there, so we just relaxed, with a good bottle of Chablis to ease any nerves. I have to say the lamb was delicious; it just fell off the bone.

When Josh asked me that age-old question about why was I single, I had to be honest. “I think most men think I’m unobtainable. They don’t know how to approach me.” I justified this by explaining that I was actually quite shy if I realised I liked someone. He nodded as if he understood.

Then I found out why he was single. He’d dated a girl, but the spark had gone. They’d lived together in London, for four years, but she’d met someone else and they’d split amicably earlier in the year.

By the end of the evening, the foundations had been put into place for another date and he was, indeed, the gentleman I thought he’d be. We’d shared a taxi back, but he dropped me off first after a brief touch of his lips on my cheek. It was so feather-light that I shivered. Josh noticed and smiled.

I needed to wait until the weekend for our next date, and was so excited to see his text. “I so wanted to kiss you then.”

Well, his kiss can wait, can’t it? I knew I’d done the right thing by meeting up with him.


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