Delicious agency treats

I have a friend who works at one of the most luxurious restaurants in London. But he’s not your regular employee. No. He’s their top chef with love for escort hotties! I’d heard all the stories about his cooking, both from him and from our mutual friends and a few girls I work with at the agency. Unfortunately, with my hectic lifestyle, I was never able to sample his cooking.
It was on a Saturday morning that I learned why he was viewed in such a bright light. There we were, in my apartment hanging out.
‘I don’t know about you, Rania,’ Thomas said, bringing his hand to his stomach, ‘but I could really use a bite to eat.’
I laughed, hoping that he wasn’t planning on having me cook something.
‘I could always toss a pizza or two in the oven,’ I replied, making my way to my feet.
His hand reached up, took hold of mine and he pulled me back down onto the sofa. ‘Not a chance in hell,’ he exclaimed.
‘What, you’re trying to tell me that you’re too good for a little frozen pizza.’
He gave me this cheekily look that confirmed that what I’d said was true. ‘You know I’m a chef, right?’
‘Yeah,’ I smiled, ‘but you work in a restaurant, not in my apartment.’
‘That surely doesn’t mean I can’t cook for you,’ he flashed me a pearly white smile. ‘Say, how about you go take a nice, long bath and I’ll whip something up real quick. I mean, you’ve yet to sample some of my cooking.’ His offer was one I couldn’t decline and so I headed to the bathroom, just as he’d instructed. As I was about to close the door behind me, Thomas called out. ‘By the way, Rania, don’t put any clothes on when you’re done.

I did as Thomas requested and returned to the dining area less than an hour later. With a quick flick of his wrist, he hoisted me onto the long, wooden dining table and proceeded to dress my body with some of the most decadent food I’ve seen in a while. The nakedness, it was more for him than it was for me. But I wasn’t going to complain. He wanted to use me as his platter and in return I got to sample his delicious treats and I didn’t have to lift a finger to do so. Thomas fed everything to me and I got to relax and feel his mouth all over me once we were through.

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